ACUPUNCTURE AND CANCER: Transforming Disease to Wellness

One of the most common serious ailments encountered is the diagnosis of cancer: breast, prostate, throat, bone, liver . . . the list is far reaching.

We work with you by focusing on acupuncture treatments, lifestyle and interfacing with western treatments; surviving and thriving as you go through cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. For many patients with incurable or inoperable cancer, there are regimens that sustain them for years living with cancer. Acupuncture supports both blood counts and emotions and sustains determination and hope. Beyond that, we work with you to support healing and recovery in Body, Mind and Spirit whether in Stage One, or living with active cancer, or late metastasis.

ACUPUNCTURE AND DEPRESSION: Restoring the Mind and Spirit

One  of the biggest challenges we face with both ourselves and loved ones in our culture is depression, and its related mental and spirit issues and physical symptoms. This is often amplified by economic issues and their accompanying uncertainty.

Primarily depression is addressed in standard medical treatment by widespread use of anti-depressants and sleeping aids, and one medication is sometimes added to another, with often disappointing long-term results. While medication can be helpful, experience tells us that the underlying emotional and mental and even physical aspects must also be dealt with.

We interface with your current treatment, medical or therapeutic, and work together with it to free you from depression.

Using the powerful principles of Five Element Acupuncture, we examine and treat the specific type of depression from which you or a loved one suffer, its origins on mental and emotional levels, and provide Classical treatments, which often alleviate physical symptoms as well.

In addition, we treat patterns of thought and behavior that create mental paralysis and even suicidal ideation and work to free our patients from them, while coordinating with their doctor or therapist.

Many of these treatments are found only in the Five Element Tradition which we practice and are powerful, valuable additions to the treatment you may be undergoing. Please call and speak with us about your situation and needs.